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Our Ambassadors

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Professor Benjamin Cowie

WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis, Doherty Institute.


"It is so wonderful to see Hepatitis B Voices Australia emerging as a community led organisation advocating for people living with hepatitis B. I have no doubt that HBVA will help lead our national response, and as a result our policies and programs will be so much stronger and more responsive to the health and wellbeing needs of Australians living with hepatitis B. I am truly excited about a future where the voices of people living with hepatitis B are at the centre of all our work, guiding our efforts, and leading us towards the elimination of hepatitis B in Australia and globally"


Dr Lester Mascarenhas

General Practitioner Refugee Health
Utopia Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health

"Hepatitis B Voices Australia is the first community-led organisation that gives voice to the more than 200,000 people living with hepatitis B in our country. Headed by an amazing group of passionate people with lived experience, this much-needed organisation will empower those living with hepatitis B to be part of the national discourse on all aspects of hepatitis B care. As the medical director of Utopia Refugee Health and as a clinician with an interest in hepatitis B, I strongly support the work of Hepatitis B Voices Australia and encourage all those who are living with hepatitis B and their supporters to become involved."


Dr Su Wang

Medical Director - Saint Barnabas Medical Center, NJ, USA
    Past President - World Hepatitis Alliance



"Hepatitis B Voices Australia is a milestone for people who are living with hepatitis B and our wider communities.

This visible presence is so important and will bring hope, support and a strong voice for people living with hepatitis B.

What you are doing in Australia will help grow an important movement to increase the voices of people living with hepatitis B around the world"

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