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To improve health outcomes for people living with hepatitis B, we have contributed to and supported the following sector projects:

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S100 Prescribers Program

This program provides initial training, ongoing support and continuing professional development (CPD) activities for general practitioners prescribing Highly Specialised Drugs for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in all Australian states and territories.

Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Consensus Statement

This project highlights important aspects of HBV management in Australia. It was developed to provide recommendations for health professionals involved in the care of patients living with hepatitis B.

B Referred

This program incorporated the development of resources to support primary care providers at the time of diagnosis or engagement through what needs to happen next and provide options for ongoing management and care of hepatitis B.

Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project: Hepatitis B

The Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project aims to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) and chronic hepatitis C (CHC) in Australia by assessing variation in prevalence and care uptake according to geographic region.

Nursing Program

This program offers nursing education and resources in viral hepatitis for novice to expert nurses in Australia and New Zealand. Ensuring nurses have access to high quality and relevant training to enhance their professional development is a priority. 

Hepatitis B Related Liver Cancer Resource

This resource is designed for healthcare workers to use with patients who have been diagnosed with hepatitis B. It provides information on managing hepatitis B to prevent liver damage and liver cancer.

Roadmap To Liver Cancer

This project has been developed to reduce the disease burden, improve outcomes and improve survival rates for all Australians affected by liver cancer. 

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